PROCEEDING International Asian Urbanization Conference : Rapid Urbanization and Sustainable Development in Asia

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Sinopsis These proceedings are issued in the context of the 13 th International Asian Urbanization Conference that will be held on January 6 and 8, 2016. This 13 th International Asian Urbanization Conference is hosted by Regional Development Study Program, Faculty of Geography, UniversitasGadjahMada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in association with the Asian Urban Research Association (AURA). AURA was established in January 1986 and is administered at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, USA. It is a non-profit research organization whose primary purpose is to promote the study of urbanization and urban growth and to organize Asian Urbanization Conferences. The conferences are biennial (held every other/alternate year) and have resulted in many publications.These proceedings are expected to be one of the publications that may be improved to be a book. The theme of this seminar is Rapid Urbanisation and Sustainable Development in Asia.It is an important topic to discuss since rapid urbanization has currently become a big issue that hits almost Asian countries. In the context of achieving balanced and sustainable development, it is necessary to conduct a study to help solve problems related to urbanization. Because of too broad issues related to urbanization, it is necessary to discuss the theme in groups. The theme is divided into several sub-themes, i.e. Rural-Urban Transformation; Urban Resilient, Risk and Disaster Management Urbanization; Employment and Urban Poverty; Urbanization in The Era of Information and Communication Technology; Urban Planning and Urban Governance; Socio-Economic Impact of Urbanization; Slum Upgrading and Capacity Building; Land, Urban Development and Housing in Asia; Urban Futures and Aspirations; Communities and the Asian City; Natural Resource Governance and Urbanization; Contested Urban Space; Innovative Approaches to Urban Issues; Urbanisation in Southeast Asia: The Challenge and Solution for The Future, Urbanisation and Geography in The Global Era and Managing Urban and Rural Transformation in Indonesia as well. I would like to thank all parties for their support to succeed this seminar.A great number of people contributed to the success of this seminar. Particular thanks are owed to the following: Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) and Faculty of Geography, UGM that facilitate the implementation of this seminar; AURA that gave UGM the chance to hold this seminar; Colleagues from different universitiesfor their roles in becoming keynote speakers and Sri Fatmawati S.Si, M.Sc, Ph.D adalah sekretaris pusat studi sains ITS tahun 2015 dan dosen jurusan kimia FMIPA ITS. Penulis tahun 2015 dianugerahi KARTINI AWARD “The Most Inspiring Woman” 2015 oleh Surabaya Suite Hotel, Surabaya – Indonesia, dan menjadi salah satu Inspiring female scientist from Indonesia 2015 oleh Euraxess Links ASEAN E-newsletter, March edition. Penulis pernah dianugerahi People of The Year 2013 kategori “Tokoh Muda Indonesia”oleh Koran Sindo (Seputar Indonesia, MNC Group) Tahun 2013, dan memperoleh penghargaan International L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science (FWIS) 2013, L’Oreal-UNESCO – Paris, France,begitu juga Faculty for The Future Award, 2012 Schlumberger Foundation – Netherlands. Selain itu, Penulis telah menerbitkan beberapa jurnal ilmiah di international journals dan memiliki beberapa paten. Penulis juga aktif di Pusat Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Aktivitas Instruksional – ITS. Nina Ariesta, S.Pd, M.Si adalah lulusan S2 pengajaran, jurusan kimia – FMIPA ITS, aktif dalam pembelajaran dan merupakan anggota penelitian untuk pusat studi sains ITS. Laily Yunita Susanti, S.Pd, M.Si adalah lulusan S2 pengajaran, jurusan kimia – FMIPA ITS. Saat ini adalah guru mata pelajaran Kimia di SMKN 1 Bangil. yang aktif dalam pembelajaran dan merupakan anggota penelitian untuk pusat studi sains ITS. Dr. Darmaji S.Si, MT. adalah kepala pusat studi sains ITS tahun 2015 dan dosen jurusan matematika-FMIPA ITS. Prof. Surya Rosa Putra adalah kepala pusat studi sains ITS tahun 2010-2014 dan professor di laboratorium kimia mikroorganisme sekaligus dosen jurusan kimia-FMIPA ITS. Saat ini beliau memegang jabatan sebagai atase pendidikan dan kebudayaan Indonesia untuk Perancis. scientific board, as well as in contributing to presenting papers in these procome from University of Akron- USA, University of Cologne-Germany, UtrechNetherlands, UniversitasGadjahMada-Indonesia, Shippensburg University-USA,Bucharest-Romania, Banaras Hindu University-India, University of Helsinki- FiUniversity of Singapore-Singapore, University of Malaya-Malaysia, KhonKaeThailand, Western Washington University-USA; Association of American(AAG), The Asian Geography Specialty Group (AGSP), The Regional DevPlanning Specialty Group (RDPSG), ForUm for Urban Future in Southeast AsiSoutheast Asian and German Experts (ForUm), IkatanGeogr(IGI)andAsosiasiSekolahPerencanaan Indonesia (ASPI); All speakers for theito these proceedings with the hope that their ideas are very useful to srelated to urbanization to develop better and more sustainable cities; members for their last one-year hard work to prepare this seminar.Last buparties for their help and support to arrange and publish these proceedings.

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