Jurnal Eksakta Vol.14 No.1 Feb 2014

Pengarang Tim Redaksi LP2M MIPA UII
Institusi Universitas Islam Indonesia
Kategori Jurnal Penelitian Ilmiah
Bidang Ilmu MIPA
ISBN 2460-1310
Ukuran A4
Halaman 1-76
Harga Rp.204.000
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Sinopsis 1. Antibacterial Activities of Green Basil (Ocimum Violaceum) Essential Oil and Derivatives By MAOS (Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis) Against Staphyllococus Aureus and Escherichia Coli 2. Adsorption Isotherm of Cr (VI) Using Mg/Al Hydrotalcite with Molar Ratio 2:1 3. Decreasing in Acid Number of Patchouli Oil by Different Natural Adsorbent and Variation of Contact Time 4. Improvement Of The Product And Qaulity Of Pogostemon Cablin Benth 5. Fuzzy T2 Hotelling Control Chart 6. Cooking Oil Conversion To Biodeisel Catalized By Egg Shell Of Purebred Chiken With Ethanol As A Solvent

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