Buku The Coursebook Of Cross-Cultural Understanding

Penulis Markus Deli Girik Allo, M.Pd.


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Bidang Ilmu Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
ISBN 978-623-02-1042-6
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Tahun 2020

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Sinopsis Buku The Coursebook Of Cross-Cultural Understanding

Buku The Coursebook Of Cross-Cultural Understanding –

The world is inhabited by people with different cultures, which means different things to different people. For our purposes culture is  as the set of learned values, assumptions and norms which are shared to varying degrees with members of a group, and which influence the way in which members of that group perceive, think and act. This coursebook attempts to help students come to an understanding of the phenomena of culture. It aims to do this through an examination of a range of questions faced by those who have to negotiate cultural barriers in their daily lives, including individuals working in global teams, living and working in a different country, or managing and working with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds.

This course-book deals with the topics and sub topics such as: Chapter 1- What is culture? Discusses Definition of culture and Some characteristics of culture. Chapter 2 – Why is culture important?  Deals with The functions culture performs for both societies and individuals. Chapter 3- Cultural differences in non-verbal communication comes across with Nonverbal Communication, Nonverbal Communication and Cultural Interpretation, Symbolic Interactionism and Symbolic Interactionism and Nonverbal Communication. Chapter 4 – Understanding culture shock consists of What is Culture Shock?, Phases of Culture Shock, Some General Advice About Culture Shock, Culture Shock Responses, Ways to Cope with Adaptation Stress and A Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. Chapter 5- The challenges of cross-cultural communication overviews about six barriers in cross-cultural communication. Chapter 6- Cross-cultural Communication Skills shows the Generic behavioral skills to assist in  cross-cultural situation, Handling cross-cultural misunderstandings and Overcoming misunderstandings.

This course-book seems different with other ones. It is obvious from the way to present it, this coursebook is easily applicated by the lecturers because the instruction sistematically build for each chapter from the Preliminary , Presentation of material, and Closing. For students, this course-book is the brief presentation material that rich of knowledge to understand their own culture event cross culturally.

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