Buku Multilingual Education in Pesantren Context

Pengarang Saidna Zulfiqar Bin Tahir
Institusi University of Iqra Buru Indonesia
Kategori Buku Referensi
Bidang Ilmu Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
ISBN 978-602-401-022-5
Ukuran 14×20 cm
viii, 172 hlm
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Tahun  2017

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Sinopsis Buku Multilingual Education in Pesantren Context

Buku  Multilingual Education in Pesantren Context |

Multilingual has played an important role in globalization era as a tool to drive competitiveness among people or countries over the world, such in economic, trade, policy, culture, and also education. It was defined ordinarily as the ability to speak or to communicate using three or more languages (McArthur, 1992: 673; Edwards, 1994: 33; Vildomec, 1963: 28; Kemp, 2009: 11). The benefits of being multilingual exhibit over monolinguals and not restricted to linguistic knowledge only but extend outside the area of language. The substantial long-lived cognitive, social, personal, academic, and professional benefits of enrichment multilingual context have been well documented (Cummins, 1981: 3; Cook, 2001; Diaz R, Klingler, 1991: 167; Lam, Wan Shun Eva and RosarioRamos, Enid, 2009: 171).

The advantages of multilingual inspired the United Nation (UN) to take into conscious account of the multilingual existence by carrying out the contest of essay writing on multilingual in six official languages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The essay contest organized by ELS Educational Services, Inc. and the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), and in conjunction with Adelphi University, was created to bring global-minded  young  people from all over the world together to engage in dialogue about UNAI principles that could be carried back to their universities and institutions (UN, 2013). In 2015, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will become ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), so that, each country of ASEAN must prepare their individual competence to compete in this era. Although the ASEAN Community is based on the three pillars (PoliticalSecurity Community, Economic Community and SocioCultural Community), languages appear to be a cross cutting element that support a successfully and stability formation of the ASEAN Community. According to the ASEAN Charter, launched in 2007, a closer cooperation in education and human resource development will empower the people and strengthen the ASEAN Community (Umezaki, 2012: 303).

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