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Sinopsis Isi buku 1.An Overview of Polymer-Organoclay Nanocomposites 1 Zainal Arifin MOHD ISHAK 2.EAF Steel Slag Process by Slag Atomizing Technology as a Solution for Zero Waste and Green Environment 5 Hitoshi TAKAGI 3.Nano-Scale Green Composites: Combination of Biomass Polymer and Cellulose Nanofiber 11 Tomoyuki NEMOTO, Rahida Wati SHARUDIN and Masahiro OHSHIMA 4.Preparation of Nanocellular Foams (NCF) from Polymer Blends – NCF will provide a higher performance than conventional foams – 17 Jun KOMOTORI, Yutaka KAMEYAMA, Shoichi KIKUCHI and Yuki AMANO 5.Surface Modification by Fine Particle Peening 23 Jun KOMOTORI, Yutaka KAMEYAMA, Shoichi KIKUCHI and Yuki AMANO 6.Work-softening, high pressure phase formation and powder consolidation by HPT 29 Minoru UMEMOTO Biomaterials 7.3D-porous calcium phosphate cement from a-tricalcium phosphate (a-TCP) spheres for bone tissue regeneration 33 Pham TRUNG KIEN, Michito MARUTA, Kanji TSURU, Giichiro KAWACHI, Shigeki MATSUYA and Kunio ISHIKAWA 8.A novel bioartifical pancreas for xenotransplantation 37 Nguyen M. LUAN, Yuji TERAMURA and Hiroo IWATA 9.Development and Characterization of Al2O3/Bovine Hydroxyapatite 43 M.K. Herliansyah, M. Waziz Wildan, Suyitno, Punto Dewo 10.Effect of a Novel Sintering on Physical and Mechanical Properties Of Carbonated Hydroxyapatite Ceramics 51 Yanny-Marliana, B.I and Ahmad-Fauzi M.N 11.Effect of Cold Deformation and Sandblasting on Tensile Strength and Corrosion Resistance of AISI 316L 57 Suyitno and Teguh Dwi WIDODO 12.Influences of Chitosan Addition to Morphology of Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Nanoparticle for Dental Bridge Application 61 Heru HERMAWAN, Bambang SUNENDAR 13.Manufacturing Processes of Bone Screws for Orthopaedic Implant By Conventional Lathe Machine 65 Pringgo Widyo LAKSONO, Muslim MAHARDIKA, SUYITNO, Punto DEWO, Gunawan Setia PRIHANDANA, Urip Agus SALIM, Budi ARIFVIANTO 14.Natural Hydroxyapatite: A Comparative Study of Bovine Hydroxyapatite, Calcite Hydroxyapatite and Gypsum Hydroxyapatit 71 M. K. Herliansyah, M. W. Wildan, A. E.Tontowi, Suyitno, Punto Dewo 15.Surface Structure of AISI 316L after Sandblasting and Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment 79 B. ARIFVIANTO, M. MAHARDIKA, SUYITNO Ceramics 16.Activation of Natural Zeolite as Water Adsorbent for Mixed-Adsorption Drying 85 Mohamad DJAENI, Laeli KURNIASARI, Aprilina PURBASARI, Setia Budi SASONGKO 17.Electrical Characteristic Of Fe2o3 Thick Film Ceramics Made From Local Mineral In Air And Ethanol Atmosphere 89 Endi SUHENDI, Hera NOVIA and Dani Gustaman SYARIF 18.Estimating the Thermal Conductivity of Nanoclay Using the Hasselman and Johnson Model 91 Lawrence V. MADRIAGA, Emee Grace D. TABARES, Ivy Ann C. RAZONADO and Leslie Joy L. DIAZ 19.Fabrication of MgAl2O4-CeO2 Ceramics as Simulated Inert Matrix Fuel (IMF) 95 Dani Gustaman SYARIF 20.Incorporating High Molecular Weight Chitosan into Natural Clay for Potential Biodegradable Food Packaging Material 99 Indriana KARTINI, Nurul H. APRILITA, Tutik D. WAHYUNINGSIH, Eko S. KUNARTI, Endang RAHAYU and Ajeng P. MARHAENI 21.Indium Tin Oxide Surface Properties Study by Means Of XPS 105 Bagas PUJILAKSONO 22.Mesoporous Carbon Gel as a Support for Palladium 123 U. Kijsirichareanchai, M. Sukwattanasinitt, J. Panpranot, N. Tonanon , T. Charinpanitkul 23.Preparation of Adsorbent from Bagasse Fly Ash (BFA) for Removal of Cu (II) and Ni (II) and The Application 127 Avissa YUNITA, Esti T. WIDYASTUTI, Agus PRASETYA 24.Study Of Biosynthesis Silica Nanoparticles From Husk Use Fusarium Oxysporum 133 YUSMANIAR, Soegijono B., Ambarsari LAKSMI, Elizabeth R. IRMA 25.The Effect of CaCO3 Addition on the Crystallization Behavior of ZnO Crystal Glaze Fired at Different Gloss Firing Temperatures 137 Abdul Rashid JAMALUDIN, Shah Rizal KASIM, Zainal Arifin AHMAD 26.The Effect of NaA Zeolite Modification on The Characteristics of Polyacrylamide – NaA Zeolite Pervaporation Membranes 143 Kris Tri BASUKI, Deni SWANTOMO, Christina Aprilliani PASKALIN 27.The Effect of Thermal Shock on Bending Strength of Zirconia Ceramics 147 Muhammad W. WILDAN, B. Setyoko, Suhanan and Heru SB. Rochardjo 28.The Infrared Absoption Spectral Changes Of Coconut Shell Carbon With Polyvinyl Alcohol Stimulant 153 Meytij Jeanne Rampe, Bambang Setiaji, Wega Trisunaryanti and Triyono Composites 29.A Review Study on the Adhesively Bonded Composite Lap Joint in Aerospace Industry 159 S.N. ABDUL RAZAK, A.R. OTHMAN 30.Deposition and Characterization of Chrome Carbide Based Ceramic Matrix Composite Coatings By High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Thermal Spray Coating 165 Budi PRAWARA, Edy RIYANTO, Budi PRIYONO 31.Effects of Plate Thickness on Bullet Resistability of Ramie Fiber Composite 169 Heru S.B. ROCHARDJO, Rini DHARMASTITI, M. Waziz WILDAN and SUPARYONO 32.Hygrothermal Aging Studies on Biodegradable Poly(butylene succinate)/ Organo-montmorillonite Nanocomposites 173 Yi Jing PHUA, Zainal Arifin MOHD ISHAK, Wen Shyang CHOW 33.Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Reprocessed Kenaf Fibre-Filled-Poly(butylene succinate) Composites 177 J.M. LEE, Z.A. MOHD ISHAK 34.Microstructure and Properties of Open Air Hot Pressed Al/ SiCp Composites 183 T. MUSTIKA, B. SOEGIYONO and I.N. JUJUR 35.Minimizing Property Variation in Natural Fiber Reinforcements for Green Composite Materials Applications 187 Leslie Joy L. DIAZ, Stela Marie HAGAD and Peter June M. SANTIAGO 36.Polymeric Thermoplastic Composite Bipolar Plate for PEM Fuel Cell 195 Eniya Listiani DEWI and Dewi Kusuma ARTI 37.Sinter Process of SiC Nanoparticles Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Nanocomposites 199 Koswara, B. SOEGIJONO, Dedi PRIADI 38.Strength of Timbers: A Case Study in Cambodia 203 CHHOUK Chhay Horng 39.Study on Mechanical Properties of Clay Reinforced Epoxy Nanocomposites 211 Kusmono, Z.A. MOHD ISHAK, Angga ZURAHMAN 40.Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of Elastomer Polyurethane/ Clay Nanocomposites 215 Teuku RIHAYAT and SURYANI 41.Tensile and Electrical Properties of Injection Molded Short Glass Fiber and Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate Hybrid Composites 219 T.T.LAW, Z.A. Mohd ISHAK 42.Tensile Properties of Pineapple Leaf Fibre (PALF) Reinforced High Impact Polystyrene Composites: Effect of Crosslinking Agent and Electron Beam Irradiation 225 J.P SIREGAR, E.H. AGUNG, S.M SAPUAN and T. CIONITA 43.The Growth of Inorganic Nanoparticles and Organic Matrix Entrapment in the Thermally Annealed and Post-Hydrothermally Treated TiO2–Polymethyl Methacrylate Nanocomposites Derived From Sol-Gel Process 227 Akhmad Herman YUWONO and John WANG 44.The Influence of Wood Powder Adding on the Porosity of Composite Material 233 Sutrisno, Arif TJAHJONO 45.The Particle Board Made of Rice Husk as Thermal Isolator For Ceiling 237 Khairul MUHAJIR The Testing of Internal Bond Strength of Particle Board Made of Rice Husk 243 Khairul MUHAJIR, Toto RUSIANTO, Rizqi FITRI Failure Analysis 46.Failure Analysis of VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit) Discharge Silencer 247 Beny BANDANADJAJA, Wiwik PURWADI and M. ACHYARSYAH 47.Failure Analysis on a Ruptured Dampener 251 Hermawan JUDAWISASTRA, Slameto WIRYOLUKITO 48.Failure Analysis on Copper Brass Radiator Leakage on TBR 541 MPV 257 Tono SUKARNOTO, Supriyadi 49.Failure Characterization of Polypropylene Thermoplastic Honeycomb Core Subjected to Low Velocity Impact 261 Amie NorFreeda AMIR, A. R OTHMAN Metals 50.A Study on the Low Rotational Speed For the Joining Between YSZ-Alumina Composite and 6061 Aluminum Alloy By Friction Welding 267 Uday M. B., M.N. Ahmad Fauzi, Zuhailawati H., A.B. Ismail 51.Analysis of FSW Welds Made of Aluminum Alloy 6110 273 Jarot WIJAYANTO, Sudarsono, and Rizqi FITRI 52.Barium Titanate Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, Properties 277 Kyaw NAING, Thandar WIN, and Khin Mar TUN 53.Breakaway Oxidation of FeCr System (Fe-2.25Cr, Fe-10Cr, Fe-18Cr and Fe-25Cr) In O2 and In O2 + H2O Environment at 600°C 283 Bagas PUJILAKSONO 54.Dissolution of MnS Inclusions of Stainless Steel under Cyclic Voltammetry in Chloride Solution 309 Sri Hastuty, Atsushi NISHIKATA, and Tooru TSURU 55.DSC Analysis of Cu-Zn-Sn Shape Memory Alloy Fabricated by Electrodeposition of Tin on Brass 313 Richard DV. ESPIRITU and Alberto V. AMORSOLO 56.Effect of Chromium Content on Isothermal Oxidation Behavior of Zr-Nb Alloys at High Temperature 317 Djoko Hadi PRAJITNO 57.Effect of Mg2Si on Electrochemical Behavior Al-Mg-Si Heat Treated PVD Coatings 323 Hariyanti, Gamal A. EL-MAHDY, Atsushi NISHIKATA and Tooru TSURU 58.Effect of Powder of Copper As A Makeup Material on The Hardness of Base Metal 327 Dody PRAYITNO, Achmad HALIM 59.Effect of Preheating on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behaviour of Friction Stir Aluminium Alloy 6061-T6 Welds 335 Mochammad Noer Ilman, Sckolastika Ninien 60.Effects of Mixing Method on Properties of Cu-NbC Composites Fabricated via Powder Metallurgy 343 Zuhailawati HUSSAIN, Radzali OTHMAN, Bui D. LONG, Minoru UMEMOTO 61.Environmentally – Assisted Crack Growth in Deaerator Storage Vessel Steels 347 Erwin SIAHAAN 63.Evaluation of Halogen Free Flux on IMC Formation and Reliability of SAC/NiP Solder Joint 353 Nurulakmal M. SHARIF, Boon Pin, CHAN, and Wan Koon, OOI 64.Hydrogen Storage Properties of the Mg-Ni Alloy Containing 5 wt% Ti and Mg-Ti Alloys Containing 5 wt% Al and 10 wt% Fe Prepared by Mechanical Alloying 357 Hadi SUWARNO 65.Influence of Chitosan Molecular Weight on Adhesive and Bioactivity Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Coating 363 Hermawan JUDAWISASTRA, Jamillah B.A. NORDIN, Bambang SUNENDAR 66.Modification of Silicon in Hypereutectic Aluminum Silicon Alloys 369 Nguyen H. DUNG, Nguyen H. HAI, Tran D. HUY, Nguyen V. THAI 67.Nitrogen Implantation Effect on Hardness and Corrosion Rate of 304 Stainless Steel 375 Viktor MALAU and Kusmono 68.Plasma Nitriding Effects on Hardness and Corrosion rate of 304 Stainless Steel 381 Viktor MALAU 69.Preparation of Al-Ti-B Master Alloys from Titanium Oxide and Boric Acid 387 Huynh Cong KHANH, Pham Van CUONG 70.Preparation of Aluminium Nano Powder by High Energy Milling Attrition 393 Nwe Nwe SOE, Phyu Phyu WIN 71.Study of Carbon Diffusion Thickness of AISI 3115 Affected by Heating Temperature and Andong’s Bamboo Charcoal Grain Size on Pack Carburizing 397 Putu Hadi SETYARINI, Ninis Ning RATRI, Winarno Yahdi ATMODJO 72.The Effect of Al2O3, ZnO and Cr2O3 Fluxes in A-TIG (Active flux-TIG) Welding on AISI 316L Stainless Steel 401 Slameto WIRYOLUKITO, Restu SIHOTANG and Surasno 73.The Effect of Groove Dimension on Panel to the Damping Characteristics of the Panel 407 Sunardi, I Made MIASA, R. SOEKRISNO 74.The Influence of NiAl Particle Size on Impact Resistance of HVOF Thermal Sprayed Cr3C2-NiAl-Al2O3 Coating 413 Asyraful H. RASFA, Husaini ARDY and Budi PRAWARA 75.The Kinetics of Blood Cockle Shell and East African Land Snail Shell as Pack Carburization Energizers for Surface Hardening of Low Carbon Steel 417 Budi Hartono SETIAMARGA, Andhika Yus Pratama TAMBUNAN and Umen RUMENDI 76.The Mercury Corrosion Attack on Stainless Steel Material at Top Side Gas Wells Facility 421 Ardian Nengkoda, Supranto 77.To Reduce the Fracture Mechanic at the Welding Spiral Pipe with Stress Relief Annealing 427 Nur SUBEKI, M Jufri and Lukman HZ 78.Wear Resistance of High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Sprayed Cr3C2-NiAl-Al2O3 Coatings 435 Edy RIYANTO, Budi PRAWARA, Asyraful H. RASFA Polymers 79.Adsorption Isotherm of Mesostructured Biphenyl-bridged Organosilica Material 441 Eduardo R. MAGDALUYO, Jr., Raymond V. RIVERA-VIRTUDAZO and Emily V. CASTRICIONES 80.Influences of Polysiloxane with Phenyl Group on The Optical and Mechanical Properties of Polybenzoxazine-Polysiloxane Hybrids 443 Hosta ARDHYANANTA, Moh. FARID and Tsutomu TAKEICHI 81.Irradiation Grafting Of Hydrophylic Monomer Onto Chitin For Ion Exchange Application 447 Gatot Trimulyadi REKSO 82.Parametric Study of the Surface Modification of Polyimide Films by Plasma Treatment in an Ion Shower Facility 453 Alberto AMORSOLO, JR., Jose Cornelio FLORES, Eric MIRANDA, Krisette Anne DE CHAVEZ, Jeremiah CHAN, Bryant LANIOG, Anna Monica DIPASUPIL and Henry RAMOS 83.Prototype Cryogenic Recycling Machine for Scrap Automobile Tire Peel 459 Mon David PAKINGAN, John Henri RUIZOL, Juan Rodrigo FONSECA, Philip Ellison CERVEZA and Homer CO 84.Study of Effect Ammonium Persulfate and Amino-Methyl-propanol in grafting Maleic Anhydride on Polietilene in the Making Softener 461 Nurudin BUDIMAN, Sugeng, Melya D.SEBAYANG 85.Synthesis and Studies on the Effect of Phenyl side –chain content on Refractive Index of Polysiloxane Resin 467 Rafiza RAMLI, Ng Chee MANG, Zulkifli AHMAD, Mariatti JAAFAR 86.The Effect of Mastication Process to Curing Characteristic, Mooney viscosity, and Physical Properties of Natural Rubber 473 Abu HASAN, Rochmadi, Hary SULISTYO, and Suharto HONGGOKUSUMO 87.Viscometric Flows for Complex Viscoelastic Flows in Cross-Slot Devices 479 Bumroong PUANGKIRD Semiconductor 88.Effect of Calcination Temperatures on the Properties of Dip-Coated Barium Ferrite Thin Films 483 A.A. GERRY and A. NURUDDIN 89.Electropolymerization of Pyrrole in Aqueous Solution on Carbon Electrodes for Ion Phosphate Sensor 487 Robeth V. MANURUNG, Totok M.S SOEGANDI and Hiskia 90.Formation of CuAlO2 Films by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis 491 Iping SUHARIADI, Zainovia LOCKMAN, Sabar Derita HUTAGALUNG, Kamsul ABRAHA, Atsunori MATSUDA 91.Microwave Induced Irradiation of Barium Ferrite Prepared by Sol-gel Auto-combustion 495 A. NURUDDIN, R. RIADY and SUYATMAN 92.Response of Organic Semiconductor Thin Film Copper Phthalocyanine to Vehicle Gas Emission at Room Temperature 499 La ABA, I Nyoman SUDIANA, Kuwat TRIYANA, Yusril YUSUF, M. Iqbal BARATA 93.Structural and Magnetic Properties of Co-Milled of Nd2Fe14B and Fe3Si Powders 503 E. Handoko 94.Studies Of Hysteresis Loops And Leakage Current Behaviors In Pzt Thin Films Deposited On Pt/Al2O3/SiO2/Si Substrate Prepared by MOCVD Method 507 Masruroh 95.Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Ferrite by Solution Combustion Method 511 Nilar LWIN, A.N. BHASKARAN, Ahmad Fauzi M.N, Srimala SREEKANTAN, Radzali OTHMAN, Aye Aye THANT 96.TiO2 Film Thickness Dependence on TiO2–based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Characteristics 515 Ratno NURYADI, Zico Alaia Akbar JUNIOR, Lia APRILIA.

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