Novel Love After 7 Days

Pengarang  Isma Hidayati
Kategori  Buku Umum
Bidang Ilmu  Novel
ISBN  978-602-453-679-4
Ukuran 13×19 cm
viii, 41 hlm
Harga Rp 55000
Ketersediaan Pesan Dulu
Terbit  2018

Rp 55.000


Sinopsis Novel Love After 7 Days

Novel Love After 7 Days |

Buku ini terdiri dari beberapa bab yaitu LA7D chapter satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima, enam, dan chapter tujuh.

I met you and looked into you. I just feel you’re the one from another one that has handsome face. But, I think that I don’t interest to you. Cause, you’re not seeing me back. You just told to your friends and make me said in my heart that you were the guide in this group and it was happen to you. I always remember about this memorized when I didn’t know you and continently. You always said about the important thing and the important what did you want to say. Describe about you it’s not important and it’s not make me to change me be better ha-ha…. but, I knew about you and I don’t know why I must to describe about you.

People know about you, you’re handsome, has a beauty smile and you always smile when you’re busy you can take the time to reply some message from your new friend and actually, you always make me change and make me have a motivation how to be better day by days. Hopefully, about we are can be the one but, I don’t know we can’t be like what we want to. You’re the only one that I knew someone who can teach me again that I must to study and study not about this life but about how we can do something better and never give up although we’re lazy, still be diligent. Lazy always make our annoyance. Mean that, although you’re lazy you can be diligent and smarter. The beautiful man like you the one of the others that I can meet you and say thanks to God that we can met. I hope we can meet again.

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