Buku Developing Thinking Ability


Pengarang Dra. Irene Nusanti, M.A.
Institusi PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya
Kategori Buku Referensi 
Bidang Ilmu Motivasi
ISBN 978-623-02-0290-2
Ukuran 17.5×25 cm
Halaman viii, 72 hlm
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Tahun  2019


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Sinopsis Buku Developing Thinking Ability

Buku Developing Thinking Ability |

In any level of education, the final goal of educating students is to make them successful in their study and finally in their life. But how can educators make their students successful? To answer the question, consider the following explanation. Have you ever thought that your mind plays an important role in determining the success or failure you have in your life? Or do you think your success in any area of your life has nothing to do with the way you think. Success is just due to working hard only and failure is caused by not enough working hard? Meyer (2010) said that the success begins with the thoughts you keep in your mind. It happens the same thing with your failure. There is a clear connection between your thought and the quality of your lives, because it is what you consistently think that will shape you. If you always think positively, the result will be positive, constructing as well as rewarding. On the other hand, if your thinking is always dominated by negative thought, the result will also be negative and destructive. Unfortunately, many of you are not aware of this fact. To make it even worse, only a few know that actually you have the ability to choose what kinds of thought you would like to have in your mind (Meyer, 2010). Thoughts are not given; they are there in your mind for you to choose. With all thoughts come into your mind everyday, you need to decide which thought you would like to be developed and carried throughout the day, whether the thought of victory or the thought of defeat. In other words, the mind where your thoughts dwell is the fighting area in which victorious power and defeating power are competing to get the best of you. When victorious power gets the best of you it means you become a victor. On the other hand, if the defeating power gets the best of you, it means you are defeated. The problem that happens to most of you relating to thought matter is you have wrong thoughts that have been dwelling in your mind for years. If nobody is aware of this, it means generation after generation will have the same wrong thought passed on. To minimize having a wrong thought in your mind, let’s study the kinds of thought, practice them, and apply them in your daily life.

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