Buku Intrusion Detection System: Internal and Design Concept

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Sinopsis Buku Intrusion Detection System: Internal and Design Concept

Buku Intrusion Detection System: Internal and Design Concept |

The Basic Network Analysis Components.  Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS).   Adaptive IDS Design.  High-Speed String Matching on FPGA.  Memory efficient IDS.  Multiprocessor  Workload Mapping Technique.  Encryption and Decryption.

The information technology based on internet has been used widely all over the world. The internet has evolved to include a simple application such as information system to complex applications such as e-commerce, teleconference, internet banking, and voice over internet. With an explosive increase of internet application, unfortunately it has also provided the means for malicious attacks on information systems. Therefore, it is important to balancing the security system in the future network.

The future network security system should have flexibility which is easy to update, adaptable to network traffics, changeable to the attack, reconfigurable to the new security technology, can detect new attacks, and energy efficient. The question is how we construct it. However, to construct the Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) that considers the requirements above is very difficult for network engineer. We have to know the security components, before we discuss about security. The following are the major security components.

NIDS have been studied in different forms since classic statistical analysis of host intrusions [38]. The main tasks of NIDS are to detect and thwart attacks in computer systems and networks. The traditional NIDS rely on signature detection to find attack pattern in incoming packets.

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