Buku How to Make Batik Rollcakes

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ISBN 978-602-401-841-2
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 Tahun Terbit  2017



Sinopsis Buku How to Make Batik Rollcakes

Buku How to Make Batik Rollcakes |

Batik is a “resist” process for making designs on fabric. The artist uses wax to prevent dye from penetrating the cloth, leaving “blank” areas in the dyed fabric. The process, wax resist then dye, can be repeated over and over to create complex multicolored designs. Evidence of early Batik has also been found all over the Middle East, in India, Central Asia and Africa. By the nineteenth century, after the importation of more finely woven cloth from India and Europe, it became a highly accomplished art form in Java and Bali in Indonesia.

KK Bolu batik was inspired by the delicious Japanese Rollcakes and our Indonesian Batik. The taste was so light thus delicious and you couldn’t resist the offer of getting more and more slice very tempting. At the same time you would feel too bad to cut such a beautiful motifs. Above all, our food is beyond everything. it is both delicious and artistic, you should try it !. In this occasions, we would like to share our recipe to you all so that you could also taste our rollcakes….
Enjoy every steps !

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