Buku English Phonetics


Penulis Dr. Wan Anayati, M.A.
Mayasari, S.Pd., M.Si.
Muhammad Kiki Wardana, S.S., M.A.
Kategori Buku Referensi
Bidang Ilmu Bahasa dan Sastra
ISBN 978-623-02-4624-1
Ukuran 15.5×23 cm
Halaman xiv, 316 hlm
Ketersediaan Pesan Dulu
Tahun 2022

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Sinopsis Buku English Phonetics

Buku English Phonetics

This book details a fairly traditional view of articulatory phonetics, and some related aspects of phonology. Our focus throughout is on English Phonetics, as English is the language of instruction, and the one with which all readers will therefore be familiar. Aspects of general phonetic theory are illustrated using examples from English, and supported by other languages where appropriate. We begin Unit 1 and finish in Unit 11.

The book is aimed at students with no prior knowledge of phonetics or linguistics; therefore, new terminology is emboldened and explained when it is first introduced. The book is suitable for first-year undergraduates studying subjects such as linguistics or speech and language therapy, and may also be used for revision by more advanced students. It would certainly be possible for students to teach themselves a good deal of phonetics using this coursebook. However, as phonetics is the study of speech, discussion with a tutor, who can demonstrate particular sounds and clarify any variant aspects of pronunciation, is sometimes recommended in the text. The book may also be used in class, with students working through the exercises either before or during contact hours. Whether used alone, with a tutor or in a class, the units should be attempted in order. Each unit builds on the last, and it is assumed that all previous units have been completed at each stage.

The aim of this book is to encourage students to think for themselves in order to discover facts about phonetics. The book is formed of a large number of exercises which involve saying words and phrases, transcribing written material or simply thinking about particular issues. Some exercises are there for students to discover particular aspects of phonetic content, and not simply to practice what has gone before in the text. This means that all the exercises within a unit should be considered compulsory. Students should attempt each exercise in full before reading the comment section that follows. These are optional, but allow students to measure their own progress. Answers to the review exercises are found at the back of the book, while answers to the review questions can be checked by looking back through the relevant unit.

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