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Buku Ajar Pronunciation Practice

Pengarang Roswita M. Aboe
Institusi Universitas Khairun
Kategori Buku Ajar
Bidang Ilmu Bahasa dan Sastra
ISBN 978-602-453-747-0
Ukuran 17.5×25 cm
Halaman x, 101 hlm
Harga Rp.85500
Ketersediaan Pesan Dulu
Tahun Terbit  2017

Rp 85.500


Sinopsis Buku Ajar Pronunciation Practice

Buku Ajar Pronunciation Practice |

Pronunciation subject is one of the core units in teaching English. It is taught at first semester of English Education Study Program, Faculty of Teachers Training and Education, Khairun University. This subject provides practical and theoretical base for students so as to enable them in pronouncing English words, phrases and sentences in dialogues or passages. This book is designed with proportion of theory of around 25 percent and the practical of around 75 percent. Considering that practicing and drilling are required in all units, each section of the book is presented with activities that enable students to practice and drill directly. Pronunciation practice has 3 credit points in which students should be able to gain sufficient score in order to pass this subject.

In composing this book, the writer received huge amount of assistances and contributions from a number of persons. Therefore she would like to convey her deepest gratitude especially to English Language Education Study Program, FKIP- Unkahir, her dear colleagues, senior lecturers and students for their comments and suggestions to make this book come into being. Great appreciation also go to the LPTK Team of UNKHAIR for sharing the grants from Belmawa Dikti for the improvement of Higher Education Curriculum in applying KKNI as a reference in the curriculum and quality assurance of educationBuku Ajar Pronunciation Practice ini diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Buku Pendidikan Deepublish. Lihat koleksi buku lainnya di : Toko Buku Online Deepublish

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