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Buku Ajar Basic Academic Writing

Pengarang Warsidi
Kategori Buku Ajar
Bidang Ilmu Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
ISBN 978-602-453-495-0
Ukuran 14×20 cm
Halaman viii, 135 hlm
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 Tahun Terbit  2017

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Sinopsis Buku Ajar Basic Academic Writing

Buku Ajar Basic Academic Writing |

Buku ini terdiri dari 11 bab. Bab ini masing-masing membahas tentang, Bab 1 Introduction. Bab 2. The Terms Of Academic  Writing. Bab 3. Capitalization. Bab 4. Punctuation.  Bab 5. Testing And Scoring Academic  Writing. Bab 6. Word And Phrase Bab 7. Clause And Sentence. Bab 8.  Grammatical Roles In  Sentences . Bab 9. Writing A Paragraph. Bab 10. Cohesion And Unity In  Paragraph. Bab 11. Organizing Paragraph. This writing I is one of obligatory subjects in the curriculum. It is very important to be followed as the basic academic writing. Basically, the aims of this subject are to inform and train students how to write well academics. It starts from the word understandings, phrases, clauses, sentences, and paragraphs. Therefore, it is only to train them those materials.

This subject is usually trained in the first semester in English study program. Teaching-learning goals: Cognitive is learning by targeting students‟ intellectual improvement. It is in relation to the students‟ knowledge achievement. Psychomotor in the teaching-learning activities is targeted particular skills which will be achieved from the subject. Affective is a kind of soft skill which may include students‟ attitudes toward the teaching-learning process, students‟ discipline, students‟ participation, and students‟ appreciation. As the other chapters in each the beginning of studying, students and lecturers should say greetings to one-another. Then, before starting the discussion, they pray to Allah together to achieve the learning effectively. The last in the beginning section, the teacher should make them more enthusiasts in learning by giving them supports and motivation.  The term of academic writing is still not understandable for some students. Some of them still can‟t diverse kinds of writing, such as general, fiction, and academic writing. Academic writing actually is very simple. Academic writing only applies , subject, verb, object, and adverb. In Indonesian, writing SPOK

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