Buku A Research On Sociolinguistics

Penulis Dr. Devi Hellystia, SS., M.Hum
Institusi Universitas Gunadarma
Kategori Buku Ajar
Bidang Ilmu Bahasa dan Sastra
ISBN 978-623-02-0619-1
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Tahun  2020


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Sinopsis Buku A Research On Sociolinguistics

Buku A Research On Sociolinguistics |

Teacher and students make an interaction at school every day. In the interaction process, politeness should be considered by the students. The previous research states that gender is one of variable in the differences of language use. There are two objectives of this research: (1) to know the politeness strategy of male and female students to teacher in making request, (2) to know the difference of politeness strategy that is used by male and female students in making request. In this research, the writer used qualitative method with gender approach. The data were video-recorded from one classroom settings. There are 30 students that consist of 17 male and 13 female of the ninth grade Junior High School student. The research is conducted in SMPN 5 Pandeglang. The result shows that students use indirect politeness strategy in making request to teacher. (2) Female students use positive politeness strategy in contrast to male students use bald on- record.

The knowledge of politeness is important in classroom teaching of a foreign language. Moreover politeness can have an instrumental role in the social interaction. Brown and Levinson’s (1987) theory places politeness as a universal face-threatening strategy. Politeness strategies used by teacher and students in the class can play an important role in learning and teaching process. It will build good communication between teacher and students. Hence, in fact there are so many students who communicate

This study aims at describing politeness strategies used by male and female students in making request in Junior high school.

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