Adolescent Love (The Anthology of Poetry)

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Bidang Ilmu Novel
ISBN 978-623-02-2740-0
Ukuran 14×20 cm
Halaman xiv, 94 hlm
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Tahun 2021

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Sinopsis Adolescent Love (The Anthology of Poetry)

Adolescent Love (The Anthology of Poetry)

Love is a great emotion and feelings toward others. Love is a relationship and universal. It means that love for everything and everyone. Love for God, love for parents, love for brothers and sisters, love for friends, love for children, love for husband and wife, love for animals, love for plant and love for all things in this universal world. Talking about love, we have the names of love, liking, affection, attachment, denoting those sentiments that draw one towards their objects, generally in virtue of the tender emotion with its protective impulse which is their principal constituent; and we have the name hate, dislike, aversion, owing to the fear or disgust that is the dominant element in their composition.

In this anthology of poetry, most of the problems are related to romantic love and some are consummate love. Some of the poems here are happy ending but some are ending with sad feelings. The beginning of love addressed to the character of “I”. It started in beginning of 2005, when character “I” joined her new job. She was so innocent and want to be a Nun, she liked Chinese film entitled Shun Go Khong and admired Kwan Im Devi as the character. In this time, Love is universal for her and she loved everything in this world.

In 2009, the boy joined the Cruise line. The Character “I” felt lonely. Missing and Waiting for the coming of the boy for a year. In 2010, the boy came from cruise line. They had some fun only for few months then the boy joined the second cruise line in HAL (Holland American Lines) in 2011. She missed him so much and prayed a lot for his coming. She took her times in Krishna Temple with one of her best friends as be seen in a poem of SHE. She waited for a year until 2012. The boy came and they had some funs together again. The boy promised her to stop his sailing in HAL.

The next poetry is addressed to all mothers in this world (2018) as can be seen in Endless Love and Thank You for Your Kindness. One of these poems is also addressed for the special person (Bunda Siska) when she lost Her husband (Opa Andi Lolo) in 2019. It can be seen in The Swan.

Finally, these poetries are addressed for my student (Gede) who fall in love to one of the beautiful ladies in his classmate. The lady is Bajang Jegeg Karangasem, Bali. He falls in love for the first sight and the lady was so humble. These poetries are funny because the attitude of my students who are cool and so confident though ending with sadness. All of these poetries are commonly faced by the adolescent as the problems of adolescent love.

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