Drs. R. Sunaryanto, M.A.


Sunaryanto is his name, and he was born in Purworejo central Java on May 11, 1961. Because his religion is Catholic, he has Richardus as his Catholik name. His last education is Master degree from Kent University in England. He obtained his Master degree in fourteen months, and in 1994 he finished studying in the UK and back to Indonesia to continue working as a civil servant in the Centre for Environment and Forestry Education and Training, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in Bogor. Upto the present time, in 2020, he has been working in the Centre for 29 years, and his position is a widyaiswara or training facilitators.
He started working in the Centre in 1991 directly after finishing his sarjana degree from IKIP Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta, now it is becoming Sanata Dharma University. Actually, he graduated from his senior highschool in 1981 in Magelang, but one year after his study in the highschool, he was not directly continue his study for higher education. It was in 1982 when he then entered IKIP Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta in the departmen of Theology Philosophy. Three years having studying in the department, in 1985, he took the English Department at the same education instituion.
His story of living was moving from one place to another because his father was a civil Servant. That is why he studied in an Elementary School in Imogiri. Having studied in the school, he entered Junior high school in the same town for three years that then brought him to another town in Magelang for his Senior Highschool.
At present, Sunaryanto is living in Taman Pagelaran housing complex in Bogor with his only one son named Alexander Cahyo Kristanto and a wife named Sri Timurwati who was born in Lumajang East Java.
Since his career is developped as a Training facilitator in the Centre for Environment and Forestry Education and Training, he obtains a lot of knowledge and experiences not only related to his main background education but also knowledge on Forestry and being involved in facilitating forestry and administration learning subjects in the Training Centre.As a training facilitator, he is also involved in other traiining preparation activities, such as: training curriculum and syllabus design, material development, Test design, research and development related to education and training.
He is also involved as a training facilitator not only delivering the subject of English, but also in other forestry and administration learning subjects in the Centre of Education and Training of Environment and Forestry and in many Implementing Units of the Centre throughout Indonesia. Not only that, he is also involved as facilitator in instittutions outside of his office, such as in Lembaga Administrasi Negara Jakarta, In Badan Nasional Narkotika Human Resource Development Centre in Puncak. Bogor, in PTIK Jakarta and in a private University in Bogor.

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