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Buku ELT Assessment 1

Rp 82.000

Pengarang Hasanuddin dan Rasuna Talib
Kategori Buku Ajar
Bidang Ilmu Bahasa dan Sastra
ISBN 978-602-453-559-9
Ukuran 15.5×23 cm
Halaman x, 86 hlm
Harga Rp 82.000
Ketersediaan Pesan Dulu
 Tahun Terbit  2017


Sinopsis Buku ELT Assessment 1

Buku ELT Assessment 1 |

English Language Teaching Assessment is a subject matter that has to be taken by students of English Department. English Language Teaching Assessment is one of pedagogic competence that has to be mastered by English teachers especially in Indonesian context. This is book is very important to learn by students who will develop their competence in  English Language Teaching and assessment.

This book support to students who want to know about testing, assessing, and teaching, approach to language testing, testing and teaching,  principles of language assessment, testing and curriculum, adopting, developing, and adapting language tests, developing and improving language tests, describing test results, and interpreting test scores. We hope this book has a significant impact to students for developing competency in teaching and assessing English. We would like to say thank very much for all friends who have supported to finish this book.

Buku ELT Assessment 1 ini diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Buku Pendidikan Deepublish. 

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