Nama Geminastiti Sakkir


Hj. Geminastiti Sakkir, was born in Pinrang on June 8th, 1987. She is the first daughter of (alm) Drs. H. Muh. Sakkir, MM. and Hj. Mantaria, HM. She just has one little sister, Rini Isnaeni Sakkir (17 years old). She entered primary school at SDN 35 Parepare. In 1999 she finished her primary school at SDN Inpres Pa’baeng-baeng, Makassar, South Sulawesi Province then she continued to SMPN 3 Makassar. When she finished, she continued to SMAN 2 Watampone and finished her senior high school at SMAN 7 Makassar in 2005. In 2005 she became one of the few students who can enter the State University of Makassar without any test by PMJK (Penerimaan Mahasiswa Jalur Khusus) program. Here, she took FBS especially English Department. On February, 2009 she achieved her S1 degree. On April 4th, 2009 she married with Aedyil S.Pd and has the first daughter on March 27th, 2010. Her name Auliyah Izzah Rana Aedyil (AIRA). The second daughter Auliyah Ilmi Safeea Aedyil (AISA) was born on December 27th, 2014. On 7th June 2011, she achieved her S2 from Post Graduate Program State University of Makassar. She continued in Doctoral Program in State University of Makassar on 2013 and finished on 2017. She is a English Department lecturer at STKIP Muhammadiyah Rappang and STIKES Muhammadiyah Sidrap since 2011. She is a head of Lembaga Penjamin Mutu (LPM) STKIP Muhammadiyah Rappang since 2017. She research interest includes writing, bussiness writing, and TEFL.

Andi Qashas Rahman was born on February 10, 1954 in Bone Soulth Sulawesi, Indonesia. He has been a faculty member of the English Department, State University of Makassar (UNM), Indonesia since 1986. He participated in international seminar on minority language (UNM & La Trobe University, 2000, in Makassar); SEAMEO-RELC Singapore International Seminar on Grammar (2001) and on New dimensions in the Teaching of Oral Communication (2004); Seminar on Teaching Grammar in Context ( State University of Malang, 2001, in Malang); He involved in some extra activities i.e,: Youth Exchange Program between Indonesia-Canada as a participant (1978/1979) and a group leader (1982/1983); Friendship Program for the 21st century ASEAN-Japan (1984); served as a member of local council (DPRD) of Makassar Municipallity (1987-1999). Currently, he becomes director of CLS FBS UNM and SEKUM of IKA UNM. He got his master program degree (M.Hum) From Post Graduate Program, Hasanuddin University, Makassar (1998) and his doctoral degree (Dr) at the same Intitution (2005). He completed doctorate degree in the field of Pragmatics and Writing at Hasanuddin University of Makassar in 2007. He is The Head of LPMP South Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2007. He is currently an senior professor in the faculty of literature and language, State University of Makassar, Makassar, Indonesia. His research interest includes discourse analysis.

Kisman Salija, M. Pd. is a senior lecturer at the English Department. He has been teaching English at UNM since 1980. He is now teaching Academic and Creative Writing Courses at undergraduate and graduate level at English Department UNM., Indonesia. His research interests are on the Teaching of Academic and Creative Writing by Indonesian young Learners English, and Language Testing.

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